UK Green Gas Day Conference & Exhibition

UK Green Gas Day Conference & Exhibition


When: 2021-09-09

Where: Solihull, United Kingdom

Event language: English

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    The REA and CNG Services have been running UK Green Gas Day (formerly UK Biomethane Day) since 2012. It is the largest gathering of the gas-to-grid industry in the UK with over 300 attendees and is not to be missed. 

    The UK’s 107 biomethane injection projects make a material contribution to decarbonisation, and a further 10 to 20 projects thought to be in the pipeline. Green Gas Day 2020 will cover policy and technical developments relevant to all green gases, including biomethane, renewable hydrogen, bio-SNG, e-methane (power to gas) and biopropane.

    Demand for biomethane in the transport sector has risen sharply since the retention of the fuel duty differential out to 2032. This measure gives investors a clear long-term signal of the Government’s support for gas in transport.

    Heavy duty transport and shipping have limited low-carbon options available, and represent a significant opportunity for green gases.

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