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IBBK - Progress in Manure & Digestate 2021



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From 2021-01-25 to 2021-01-27

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International Online Conference - Progress in the Treatment and Application of Manure and Digestate Products






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Progress in Treatment and Application of Manure & Digestate Products

IBBK is inviting you to the first online conference on the progress in treatment and application of manure and digestate products, to be held from January 25 - 27th, 2021.

This in an event where you will get exclusive insights into: 
  • How to process and upgrade digestate from biogas production 
  • How to treat manure so that it can be spread on the fields safely, without fearing over-nitrification 

More and more countries strongly regulate the spread of nutrients to avoid accumulation of nitrogen, phosphorous and other nutrients in their soil and groundwater. And that's what IBBK's first online conference on manure and digestate treatment and upgrading is all about. 

In this conference, the world's leading manure and digestate treatment professionals will present their latest inventions, projects and research results. And they don't only display theoretical concepts or methods that COULD be used sometime in the future... They will present what's working now to treat manure and digestate... Defuse this burning issue... And even show you how they use their technology to upgrade manure and digestate into high-value products that they can then market to private and corporate consumers. 

If this pressing challenge directly affects you, your work or your region... click here to check out the conference's program. You will also discover how to claim your exclusive discount as a student or living in a country qualified as low or middle income by the DCA.