Biogaz Europe 2018

Anaerobic Digestion Innovation & Business



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2021-01-21 From 11:00 AM to 10:00 AM

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A webinar series to discuss how modern solutions can resolve everyday problems and reduce costs






Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) design and operation enables project stakeholders to reduce their risk in project development and plant operation. This webinar series will bring experts from various organizations with a strong background and history in different disciplines in the biogas industry. They will be talking about the challenges, successes and will be sharing their experience with the attendees.

anessa is hosting these experts in a series of interactive webinars to discuss how modern solutions can resolve everyday problems and biogas facilities' challenges. This webinar series is promoted by Biogas World.

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Upcoming sessions & discussion topics

Closing the Biogas "Investor - Developer" Divide Challenges between the investors and project developers in biogas projects and how to resolve themNovember 19, 2020
Feedstock Supply, the backbone of AD Plants
Utilizing multiple feedstocks in AD, the ‘perfect recipe’ and what to avoid 

December 17, 2020
Identifying profitable biogas projects
Parameters that make an AD project attractive to developers and investors: Preferred feedstock types, quantities and location
January 21, 2021
Biogas Trends and Innovation: The use of Predictive Analytics in Plant Operation
Innovative solutions for biogas plant Operations & Monitoring, and how to optimize the plant operation
February 18, 2021
What can go wrong with Biogas Project development?
Main focus around the early stage of biogas project development and identifying common mistakes
March 18, 2021
Is your Biogas Plant Dialed-In?
The importance of AD plant optimization in reducing down-time and minimizing operational costs
April 15, 2021
*All sessions will be held at 10am Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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