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16th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit



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From 2020-09-16 to 2020-09-17

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ACI’s 16th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit  will be taking place in Montreal, Canada on the 16th & 17th of September 2020, bringing together senior experts from various CO2 emitting industries discussing sustainable, technological and commercial aspects of CO2 Utilization in North America and across the globe






*Note from the organizer: We have, in consultation with our  speakers, decided to cancel the event for this year. We will be back with this conference next year*

With climate change still being a very real issue, change needs to come fast. One of the changes that can be made, is to ensure the avoidance of CO2 emissions, which can and is now being done using Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage and Utilization technologies.

ACI’s 16th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit will follow on from our successful 13th edition which took place in Calgary focusing on the re-use of greenhouse gas CO2 and converting this into profitable sustainable and commercial materials. It will be taking place in Canada on the 16th & 17th of September 2020.

The two day event will bring together senior experts from various CO2 emitting industries discussing sustainable, technological and commercial aspects of CO2 Utilization in Canada and across the globe. With technology comparisons focusing on economic, environmental, and social indicators, our panel of speakers will highlight knowledgeable insights into commercial application and development of technology and products.

Last year the focus was on the path to commercialization of CO2 capture, utilization and storage technologies. This year there will still be focuses on this, as it is important for start-ups to know. However, there will also be more case studies on already commercialized and successful utilization technologies and the uses for them.

Key Topics
Canada vs. The World: A Global CCU Assessment
Assessing the Current CO2 Transportation and Storage Logistics
Discussing the Role of the Government in Supporting the Development & Commercialization of CO2 Utilization
Adjusting the Public Perception of CO2 from a Waste Material to a Raw material
Addressing the Opportunities in Financing Carbon Capture and Utilization
Latest Developments on Technology in the Industry
Case Studies: Overview of Current Successful CO2 Utilization Cases/Plants
Using CO2 as a Feedstock for Chemicals and Fuels
CO2 Utilization in the Oil and Gas Industry
The Utilization of CO2 in the Construction Industry
Exploring Other End-Markets

Who Will Attend?
Oil, gas and chemical companies with alternative energy departments
Energy companies investing in R&D
Governments looking for investable R&D in the energy sector
Federal Policy advisors
Start-up technology companies
Chemical product manufacturers
Clean energy technology companies
Oil and gas services companies
Petrochemical consulting and manufacturing companies
Energy companies investing in R&D

Early Confirmed Speakers Include
Robert Cumming, Director, Lafarge Canada Inc
Phil De Luna, Program Director, Energy Materials Challenge Program, National Research Council Canada
Curtis Berlinguette, Canada Research Chair in Energy Conversion, The University of British Columbia

For More Info & Registration: Rohan Baryah, +48 61 646 7022,