Biogaz Europe 2018

Biogas Development Forum



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2020-05-13 From 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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A platform for discussions about the regulatory, technological and commercial improvements






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The Biogas Development Forum will bring Europe’s leading biogas producers, consumers and stakeholders together in Amsterdam to explore the growing contribution of biogas and biomethane to the decarbonisation of the European energy system.
Co-located with Flame, Europe’s leading gas & LNG event, the event is open to professionals from the biogas industry and related sectors (including gas infrastructure, heavy transport, waste management and feedstock supply). It will provide a platform for discussions about the regulatory, technological and commercial improvements needed to scale-up biogas production and enable its use in difficult-to-decarbonise sectors.
Key speakers for 2020 include:
  • Peter Zeniewski, International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Andrea Gerini, NGVA Europe
  • Lorenzo Maggioni, Consorzio Italiano Biogas
  • Susanna Pfluger, European Biogas Association
  • Jean-Marie Gauthey, GRDF
  • Olaf Rumberg, E.On Gas Mobil
  • Andrew Shepherd, SEAT S.A
  • Gerd van de Logt, Eneco
Key topics:
  • Exploring pathways for biomethane: Discuss biomethane's role within the broader decarbonisation agenda and which applications can best help to reduce GHG emissions and improve returns.
  • Promoting biogas in the transport sector: Discover opportunities for bio-CNG, LBG and bio-LNG in passenger vehicles, HGVs and shipping.
  • Harmonising European regulations: Review key European markets' policies and incentive structures in the context of the Renewable Energy Directive and the new decarbonisation package.
  • Improving sustainable feedstock supply: Assess the sustainability credentials of different sources of biomass and learn how the biogas industry can make better use of waste-based feedstocks.
  • Optimising financing of new projects: Examine different strategies for financing new biogas and biomethane projects, and review the implications for the biogas industry of the Feed-in-Tariffs scheme.
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