9th Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition (APBE 2020)

9th Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition (APBE 2020)


When:  From: 2020-08-16 to 2020-08-18

Where: Guangzhou, China

Event language: Other

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    Occupying a space of 12,000m2, APBE 2019 is the largest industry exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world. For the large scale and high professional degree, it gathered almost all Chinese top enterprises in the industry. Furthermore, its strong international appeal was reflected in bulk of overseas buyers from 30+ Countries, including Brazil, Palestine, the UK, the US, Italy, Japan, Iran, Mexico, Canada, Romania, Philippines, France, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Uganda, Malaysia, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, etc. 

     Preview of APBE 2020 

    Ranking among the world’s top biomass trade shows, APBE 2020 is going to be staged on a show floor of 15,000 sq.m with 200+ exhibitors. The 7th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit will give you a glimpse at the forefront of biomass technology.

    For more information, please reach out to:
    Sarah Tse, APBEChina@yeah.net, grand.xi@grahw.com
    Tel:+86 20 29188153
    Mobile/Whatapp/Wechat: +86 13539992305 
    Website: www.apbechina.com

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