Cogeneration Day Mexico

Cogeneration Day Mexico


When: 2019-11-15

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

Event language: Spanish

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    The second edition of the annual technology event with the potential to significantly impact the future of energy in our country. 

    A one-day symposium designed to inform energy consumers in Mexico about the 'what', 'how' and 'how much' of the benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), a method of generating electricity that uses Residual Heat to use it in production processes.

    Organized by Cogeneration Channel

    A global web platform, one of a kind, focused on CHP technology with more than 800 videos from around the world, with the purpose of sharing and exchanging ideas and experiences to make an informed investment in cogeneration.

    Cogeneration Day Mexico is an event for

    All interested in increasing energy efficiency, lowering costs, ensuring availability and reliability in electricity supply, network operators, engineering companies and regulatory bodies.
    • End users in manufacturing, commerce, greenhouses, agribusiness and waste management
    • Engineering firms
    • Investment funds in energy
    • Network operators
    • Regulatory and regulatory entities
    • Energy associations
    • Energy consultants and opinion leaders
    • Consulting Companies
    • Independent Energy Producers (IPPs)
    • EPCs of energy projects

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