Biogaz Europe 2018

4th Biogas Congress



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From 2019-09-16 to 2019-09-17

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The largest meeting of the national biogas industry in Poland






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The largest meeting of the national biogas industry will take place on 16 and 17 September in Poznan. 

The fourth edition of the largest biogas industry meeting in Poland, organized by the Biomass Media Group, will once again bring together representatives of the national and European biogas sector, agri-food processors, representatives of local government administration and energy market analysts. 

This year's Congress is held under the slogan "from waste to energy". The Biogas Congress will be held on September 16, 2019 at the Mercure Hotel in Poznań. On September 17, participants will have the unique opportunity to visit the 3rd generation agricultural biogas plant. 

The two-day conference will bring together more than 180 professionals from the biogas sector: owners of operating installations, investors planning to build biogas plants, technologists and managers of biogas plants and landfills, but also representatives of the agricultural, food and meat industries, local government officials and representatives of ministries interested in the development of the biogas sector. 

From waste to energy 

The slogan of this year's Biogas Congress is "from waste to energy". - The use of biodegradable waste for energy production is a trend that we have been observing for many years in Western Europe. It's time for us to bring these good practices to Polish soil. It is already happening - a biogas plant that processes bio-waste from the commune is working in Poznań's Suchy Las district. And the potential is huge, especially in large agglomerations, where the amount of garbage to be processed increases year by year - emphasizes Maciej Roik from Biomass Media Group. - We devoted the entire thematic block to the possibilities of energy use of bio-waste as well as sewage sludge. We will show participants the proven technological solutions and examples of installations that already work in Poland, entering the circular economy model - adds Jolanta Kamińska from "Biomasa Magazine." 

 Are biogas plants profitable? 

The practical and useful character of the Congress confirms every year the great interest of the participants in the topics of support systems for biogas producers, new legal regulations determining the operation of biogas plants and optimization of installation work. This year, issues of reference prices, auctions and cogeneration bonus will be conducted by experts from BTK Legal. - We will also talk about how to improve the economics of biogas plants by, among others, optimization of installation work. Here, the key is selection of substrates, but also proper heat management - says Jolanta Kamińska. For large processing or meat companies, biogas is not so much a possibility but a necessity as well. Especially in the context of waste management, but also the policy of sustainable development - adds J. Kamińska. 

Biogas in Greater Poland 

It is no coincidence that this year's conference will take place in Poznań. Here operates one of the most important scientific biogas centers in Poland under the direction of prof. Jacek Dacha, a program for the production of hydrogen from biogas will be implemented in the coming years. A third-generation agricultural biogas plant will soon have its official opening in Poznań near Przybrodzie. - We hope that over the next few years Wielkopolska will become a leader in the production of biogas and biomethane. The interest of the local government authorities in this area and the planned investments confirm that the biogas heart will beat here in rural Wielkopolska. We have excellent Polish and foreign technologies, thriving science centers and media devoted to this subject.