proBIOGAS International – Biogas engineering and operating training

proBIOGAS International – Biogas engineering and operating training


When:  From: 2019-09-24 to 2019-10-02

Where: Stuttgart, Germany

Event language: English

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    How to run a stable biogas plant - while getting maximum gas yield?

    Every day, biogas plant operators are faced with the challenging task: how to run their biogas plant...the most effective way.

    During this biogas training, you'll learn the ins and outs of digester biology and plant engineering as well as best practice for operation.

    We'll explore:
    •  How to tackle the daily challenges of operating a biogas plant
    •  Easy solutions to expensive and sometimes deadly mistakes many plant operators do
    •  What measurements you absolutely need to do everyday (and which ones you can basically forget about)
    •  And much more...
    Early bird rate until August 23, 2019 - Save 200 €!

    Here's what you can expect during those 7 training days:

    ✔ Familiarize yourself with the theory of digester biology, different types of biogas plants and best-practice examples of operators. After this, you'll be able to pinpoint your process issues accurately.

    ✔ During the interactive sessions we'll go through the early planning stage of a biogas project step-by-step - so you'll know right away if your biogas concept is feasible or not

    ✔ Biogas Plant Visits - see in practice what we explored in theory and visit five different biogas plants with a specific focus:
    Biogas upgrading to biomethane with grid injection
    Digestate treatment and marketing for additional revenue streams
    ✔ Show & Tell Substrate Analysis - the on-site analysis of a substrate sample will introduce you to a very simple, easy-to-use analysis tool for near-instant results (no need to wait for the lab results for days)

    ✔ Cultural Aspects - Stuttgart and the larger metropolitan area around it offer a wide variety of cultural specialties which we'll visit during the meet+greet dinner.

    The weekend is for you to attend the second biggest German beerfest, visit the Mercedes Benz Museum or simply enjoy a stroll through downtown Stuttgart.

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