Biogas Training

Biogas Training


When:  From: 2019-08-12 to 2019-08-13

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

Event language: English

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    3-day seminar BIOGAS#TRAINING, South Africa, 12-13 & 16 August 2019 

     The 3 day training seminar focuses on the biogas market in Africa with attention to the local characteristics of substrate selection, plant engineering, and biogas utilization. 

     You will get practical knowledge about biogas plant operation, maintenance and the presented case studies will highlight the best methods of biogas production from biomass waste. 

    Together with local partners and experts, the course will be facilitated by experienced instructors from the internationally renowned German training institute, the IBBK. 

    The BIOGAS#TRAINING seminar is ideal for: 
    Farmers, engineers, scientists, project developers, consultants, investors and the financing sector. 

    Training Topics 

    During the 12 different lectures and a full day of visiting a biogas plant, you will find out about the following subjects: 
    •  Biogas plant planning: engineering aspects and component selection
    • Digester biology and biological process control 
    • Substrates to be fed into a biogas plant from an African perspective 
    • Daily plant operation: measuring methods and staff safety 
    • How to produce your very own fertiliser from your biogas plant
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