Future Energy Asia

Future Energy Asia


When:  From: 2020-02-12 to 2020-02-14

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

Event language: English

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    As the economies of Asia develop, demand for energy is rising and governments are focusing more attention recently on renewable energy -- wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal and hydropower -- due to concerns over security of supply, price volatility and environmental issues.

    Asia’s renewable energy capacity has nearly doubled in the last five years, making up a significant chunk of the global supply of 2,351 gigawatts. This is roughly a third of the world’s total energy and this number is growing all the time as more renewable energy enters the system and older fuel sources are phased out.

    Over 2018, Asia accounted for 61% of new renewable energy installations, proving the region is a powerhouse for development and implementation.

    Future Energy Asia is organised with a single focus to encourage the transition of the energy industry from lowering the reliance of coal and oil to increasing the dependence on gas, renewables and sustainable energy across Asia.

    The highly anticipated event will bring together Asia’s oil, gas, LNG, renewable and power generation industries to network and do business with Energy Ministers, regional CEOs and leading decision makers across 3 days of business discussions and knowledge exchange.

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