ZwitterCo’s zwitterionic chemistry and extremely fouling-resistant membranes are setting a new standard for precision separation and resource management.

Our mission is to make it practical for industries to recycle water and enhance product recovery with breakthrough advancements in filtration. We offer water treatment and separation solutions that cut chemical demands, maintain steady performance, and more.


Why choosing ZwitterCo?

The ZwitterCo team brings extensive expertise in industrial wastewater management, having designed and installed process equipment for leading water treatment companies in projects throughout the world. We have a record of developing and scaling innovative membrane technologies from the benchtop to commercial deployment, and integrating complete solutions with products across the filtration spectrum (from polymerics to ceramics, including micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration, as well as reverse and forward osmosis).

Our products are made from uniquely hydrophilic (“water-loving”) polymers, so they clean easily and last longer than membranes made from traditional chemistries. We optimize water treatment and organic separations so you can reclaim the full value of your resources while reducing maintenance and overhead costs.


Our membrane elements

ZwitterCo’s membranes can last for years in streams that would ruin other membrane products in days or weeks.

Our membranes make it possible to treat historically unfilterable streams. We enable customers to manage and recover value from water, transforming waste from a cost to a benefit.

With ZwitterCo’s membranes, you’ll benefit from:

  • Immune to irreversible fouling
  • Increase sustainability
  • Decrease costs
  • Turn waste into revenue stream
  • Superfiltration and Zwitterion Technology

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