About Xebec

Xebec’s proprietary kPSA, fast-cycle rotary valve technology, combined with our advanced, highly efficient and selective adsorbent, is at the heart of our pressure swing adsorption technology. Our BGX® biogas plants are flange-to-flange, modular, pre-engineered solutions, tested and proven for all manner of biogas needs – biogas purification to renewable natural gas from WWTP, landfills, commercial and agricultural digesters (AD). Best in class recovery/purity rates, along with flexible, compact, responsive, and reliable performance guarantees maximize the sales gas revenue. From sales through manufacture to aftermarket and service support, Xebec is the one stop shop solution for all your biogas needs.

Unique value proposition

  • 50 years of experience in adsorption technology
  • Recovery rates of > 99% biogas to pipeline quality or CNG (high BTU)
  • Plant availability – up to 96%
  • Low energy consumption from .17 kW/Nm3

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