U.S. Gain: Your Alternative Fuel Provider

U.S. Gain, a division of U.S. Venture Inc., is a leader in development and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable thermal energy for the transportation and energy markets. Over the course of just 10 years, U.S. Gain has diversified throughout the renewable natural gas supply chain, becoming vertically integrated to provide the cleanest fuel and thermal energy, at the best value. We have direct experience with project development and fuel distribution – and, we can leverage our in-house trading team, compliance expertise and strong balance sheet, backed by U.S. Venture Inc., to streamline your project needs.

At U.S. Gain, we believe in the value proposition a polyfuel future offers and are a crafting a portfolio of sustainable solutions to reflect that. Together, renewable natural gas, compressed natural gas, electric and hydrogen enable customers to tailor their fueling selections to meet the diverse needs and applications within their fleet or organization. However, as these emerging fuels continue to solidify, we will continue to acknowledge that renewable natural gas is the only carbon-negative solution available on the market – offering fleets an immediate, proven fueling solution.


Finding a Better Way

As a division of U.S. Venture Inc., a leading provider of transportation products and insight driving the world forward, we are committed to finding a better way for our customers to succeed by offering unrivaled expertise, tenacity and character in all we do. This strategic, forward way of thinking enables us to create strong, lasting relationships and offer innovative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge.


A Leader in RNG Development

Recognizing the role RNG has in decarbonizing the transportation sector, U.S. Gain is working with farmers, landfill owners and municipalities to expand supply of RNG and CNG for sustainably driven organizations and fleets. Whether you are seeking a fixed or variable gas offtake agreement or an equity investment, U.S. Gain can help your RNG development project go further, faster. In addition to helping bring your supply to market, at U.S. Gain, we can leverage our in-house compliance and trading experts to ensure your receive maximum benefit from your project.

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Services and Offerings

At U.S. Gain, we provide our customers with a comprehensive offering. While we develop and supply natural gas (RNG and CNG) to the transportation and energy markets, that’s not all we do. We are well-versed in regulatory and incentive programs for alternative fuels, our compliance team expedites the development process by efficiently managing site registration and our trading team maximizes value for all parties through their extensive experience in commodity and credit trading. Further, we can provide engineering and consulting for natural gas vehicles, help with fleet conversions to alternative fuels and design and execute new infrastructure builds.


Grant Writing

Additionally, we understand your need to remain economically competitive and are actively lobbying with government officials to keep incentives available for alternative fuel-related projects. Continually monitoring these incentive programs – at both a federal and regional level, we can connect you with the funding you need to facilitate either an expansion or transition to natural gas. Better yet, U.S. Gain will help you apply for these programs – leveraging our experience to maximize value from your project. To see what grants and incentives are currently available in your area, view our interactive map.


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