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The Union of Producers and Employers of Biogas Industry (UPEBI) is an association of employers established in 2012 in order to integrate the biogas industry in Poland and act together for the benefit of the biogas sector in our country. The UPEBI's motto is TOGETHER FOR BIOGAS because every day we fight for better conditions of functioning of the entire biogas industry and do our best to ensure that legislation and other regulations are favourable to our industry. During several years of our existence:

  • we have intervened many times on the stage of development of the laws and regulations related to the biogas industry;
  • we have supported our members in many areas of their business, including in contacting the representatives of various institutions;
  • we have participated in several dozen public consultations and provided information on biogas to all interested parties;
  • we have promoted biogas technology in the media;
  • we have organised 4 editions of the Biogas Forum during the International Trade Fair and Conferences for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency RENEXPO Poland, as well as several dozen conferences, trainings and workshops related to the biogas market, including the conference in the Ministry of Development which had over 300 participants;
  • we have participated in many educational events related to climate change organised with the support of the Capital City of Warsaw as part of the Partnership for Climate platform.



UPEBI's primary goal is to provide versatile support and legal protection to its members and shape a uniform standpoint with respect to all issues related to their business activity.

We cooperate with research and academic centres to develop innovative technological solutions contributing to a more dynamic development of the industry in Poland and in the world.

We promote the biogas industry and conduct related trainings in order to increase public knowledge about the possibilities of biogas production and its use as a renewable energy source.



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