About The Energy Authority (TEA)

The Energy Authority (TEA) provides public power utilities with access to advanced resources and technology systems so they can respond competitively in the changing energy markets. Through partnership with TEA, utilities benefit from an experienced organization that is singularly focused on deriving the maximum value of their assets from the market.

By partnering with TEA, our clients are able to achieve the scale and scope of operations needed to compete in the wholesale energy market. TEA currently works with over 50 public power clients. We represent over 24,000 MW of peak demand and 30,000 MW of installed generation capacity across the U.S.


Portfolio Management

We offer a portfolio-wide perspective to risk management and energy marketing, delivering value to our clients in energy management, hedging of market risks, and asset optimization. Learn more


RTO Market Management and trading

We work with you to develop strategies that optimize an approach in RTO markets – returning real cost reductions and maximizing revenues while adhering to your specific risk policy objectives. We then execute those strategies with a focus on operational excellence to ensure your goals are met. Learn more


Natural Gas Management

We provide comprehensive natural gas procurement, management and optimization services. Learn more

Bilateral Energy Trading

We provide a full suite of planning and trading services to help you manage your resources in bilateral energy markets throughout the U.S. With our experienced staff, we provide measurable value through state-of-the-art software and analytics, deep market knowledge, and constant monitoring in a cost-effective manner. Our clients receive best-practice trading at a fraction of a self-build cost. Learn more


Power Supply Management

We provide full power supply management services to ensure that you derive the value of your assets in real time by identifying market risks and opportunities and executing strategies to suit your needs. Learn more


Advisory Services

An independent strategic perspective is invaluable to decision makers working to successfully navigate through a future filled with uncertainties. Leveraging our experience operating in U.S. energy markets, we work with you to add value to your decision making process by offering independent perspective, strategic advice, and rigorous supporting analysis. Learn more


Benefits of joining the TEA community

TEA works with you to design and execute portfolio strategies tailored to the needs of your utility, delivering transformative results.

TEA enables you to stay ahead of regulatory and legislative changes in a constantly changing market.

TEA understands your organization's financial goals and risk profile.

TEA optimizes the value of your assets to increase revenues and lower the cost of servicing your customers.

TEA brings public power together by creating opportunities to collaborate and learn from one another.

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