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Since the foundation in 1957 about 90,000 SUMA agitators have been sold. With our parent company and factory in Sulzberg, Germany, we operate internationally with an export share of 66%. SUMA can be found in 52 different countries. Despite the large internationality, we stand for quality and know-how.

To insure quality, manufacturing is almost exclusively in the factory in Sulzberg, to the degree SUMA even makes its own tooling. With our products we guarantee a long service life and easy and quick maintenance. By our modular design, it is possible to replace parts even after 10 years or more.


Solutions for each customer’s requirements

SUMA mixers are suitable for biogas, agricultural, wastewater or industrial plants.  Electric and hydraulic motors are possible and many SUMA mixers can be run via a PTO drive.

SUMA mixers ensure that conditions are optimal to achieve the highest possible output in your anaerobic digester. Through our long-axis and submersible mixers the optimal temperature and nutrient distributions in the tank are maintained. This leads to a higher biogas yield and guarantees high process stability.

SUMA mixers can be used over a range or pH-values depending on the materials of wetted parts.


Complete “Made in Germany” by SUMA

SUMA’s engineering department develops and designs all agitators in house and uses its own test basin to verify the performance of the propeller. By CFD and these test programs, propeller geometry is optimized continually.

SUMA can also run CFD studies to be used for dimensioning your future plant and establishing the most ideal use of the agitators. Furthermore, the engineering department supplies data sheets including installation information on request. With the aid of this data it is possible to get important information about the products in advance.

Since customer’s benefit and satisfaction have highest priority for us, we offer also step-by-step installation and repair instructions with on-site installation images and 3D views, clear spare parts lists and operating instructions.

As a result of the high demand much of our information is available in English and French as well as German for our international customers.


Internationality and years of experience

From our early role making mixers for manure management, SUMA has become a global, innovative and quality conscious company, with independent companies Brasuma in Brazil and Suma America Inc. in North America, as well as the parent in Allgäu (Bavaria, Germany).

In keeping with our motto “it’s our invention” we strive to make stirring and mixing as simple, reliable and effective as possible for you.

With us at your side you will stay on the road to success.

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