SGTech: The Next Generation of Biogas Production and Waste Treatment

Founded in 2015, Sustainable Green Technologies (SGTech) was born out of the desire to create a more sustainable world. Sustainable Green Technologies (SGTech) is a pioneering Israeli startup developing innovative technologies focused on waste treatment, clean energy, and nutrient recovery.

SGTech’s patented Integrated Ecosystem Solution (IES) is the only complete solution for the treatment of livestock waste – one that produces clean energy, clean water, and a nutrient-rich organic compost. Specifically, SGTech has aimed to address environmental issues resulting from improper waste management in the livestock industry.

The technology produces enriched biogas and simultaneously removes and recovers nutrients from the waste stream. The result is an end-to-end solution that improves each area of sustainable agriculture – cleaner energy, cleaner water, and cleaner soil.

Through years of Research and Development, SGTech has developed innovations in nutrient recovery, integrated biogas solutions, and water recycling. We are now in the process of designing and building custom-made treatment plants that best suit each farms’ specific needs.

An innovative project developer

SGTech is in the process of building the first full-scale projects (500-2000 cows) in selected markets. We aim to establish 5 projects in Israel and 5 projects abroad using the IES process in 2019-2020.

Project structure

SGTech employs a business model in which the company licenses its patented IES technology to biogas developers for use in new projects in return for a royalty on project revenues.

This model ensures that all parties’ interests are properly aligned and creates a unique win-win solution on all sides.
SGTech - Project structure


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