About the RFS Power Coalition

The RFS Power Coalition is a group of organizations dedicated to activating the renewable electricity pathway of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The Coalition is led by the Biomass Power Association, American Biogas Council and Energy Recovery Council, the trade associations that represent, respectively, domestic biomass power producers who use organic fuels like forest residues, biogas-to-electricity producers like dairy farmers and wastewater treatment facilities, and waste-to-energy producers.

All three fuels – biomass, biogas and biogenic waste – qualify as renewable transportation fuels that should be included in the D3 cellulosic and D5 advanced fuel categories of the RFS.

RFS Power Coalition represents the industries that have been left behind by the EPA

They encourage the industry stakeholders and others to take action and tell the EPA to include electricity in the RFS. Indeed, the EPA fails to process applications for electricity to participate in the RFS. The involved stakeholders include dairy farmers, milk producers, municipal governments with waste-to-energy infrastructure, foresters, landowners, owners of anaerobic digesters and many others.

The EPA has failed to implement a program passed by Congress in 2007 that would allow electricity from renewable sources like biogas, biomass and waste-to-energy qualify to generate credits under the RFS program. Industries that are eligible for credits have thrived during the past decade, while biogas, biomass and waste-to-energy have worked hard to stay in business.

Every year the EPA neglects to process eRIN applications means lost revenue – not only for qualified electricity producers but also for other stakeholders along the supply chain like dairy farmers, foresters and landowners, and municipal governments that own and operate power infrastructure. We call on the EPA to process eRIN applications in 2019 without delay!


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