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Get service and support for safety relief valves, actuators and more from Pioneer Industrial.

Since 1988, Pioneer has been the Midwest’s premier industrial sales and service operation.

With more than 100 employees covering 11 states across the Midwest and over 100,000 square feet of warehouse and repair facilities, we have the personnel and resources you need for optimal service. When you are looking for an industrial supplier, you are doing more than choosing parts out of a catalog. You are looking for a dedicated partner that can supply parts, maintain your systems, and look for ways to help you cut costs and do things better.

Pioneer Industrial has a long history of excellence. The same principles of quality, excellence, service, dependability, and safety that we were founded on more than three decades ago still permeated our organization today. We stand behind the products we sell, we support our technicians with factory training, and we make your goals our own to provide you with the best possible solutions.


Environmental, Process, and Safety Instrumentation

Pioneer Industrial offers environmental, process, and safety instrumentation products that will protect people, property, and process integrity. These products center around industrial monitoring of valves, pipelines, and air quality for energy, petrochemical, and manufacturing companies. This kind of technology is essential to the safe operation of your most critical systems and to keep compliant with some oftentimes very strict workplace and environmental regulations. We can provide turnkey monitoring solutions and long-term preventative maintenance programs. This frees up our clients to have faith in the safety and integrity of their systems and allows them to focus on their core business activities.

The equipment that manages the flow of your products are arguably the most important in the entire system. They must be safe and efficient. How you make these processes and equipment safer depends heavily on how you automate and modernize their operation. Digital sensors, smart instrumentation and analytical hardware give a much more complete picture, in real time, than periodic readings of analog instrumentation. Pioneer offers top-of-the-line automation and instrumentation equipment that can be incorporated into any system, for any purpose.

Industrial processes that impact the environment, or even have the appearance of doing so, are under intense scrutiny. This is why proactive companies are investing heavily in equipment that protects the environment whether regulated or not. This goes for any process that influences the flow of product from raw materials to finish. Pioneer Industrial provides the products that offers complete support for machine-learning systems that make systems safer for operators and the environment.


Pioneer Rotating Equipment and Pumps

Rotating equipment is a term generally used in the oil and gas industries to describe the equipment and machinery that use kinetic energy to move fluids, gasses, and other materials. The rotating parts of the equipment can include turbines, pumps, generators, compressors, or engines. This equipment is often operated separately from other, fixed equipment that may perform a similar function, but has different design, operation, maintenance, and regulatory requirements.

Pioneer Industrial has all of your rotating equipment needs covered from purchase to service. Our Ruhrpumpen pumps are known for their quality and safe operation. Call us today for more information about how Pioneer can incorporate the best pumps in the business with your existing systems.


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