About us

Methania is a solution provider for biogas and combined power technology. Our aim is to provide the most effective, high quality and reliable solution for your power plant.

Methania combines the most advanced technologies with expertise in engineering, management and project execution. This combination makes Methania a unique company of its kind with people who strive to set the highest quality standards internationally.


 Our expertise

  • Biogas Solutions

Biogas, like natural gas, is a gas mixture of gases consisting chiefly of methane. It is produced by microorganisms as they decompose organic waste.


  • Combined Power Solutions

Combined power is an efficient and clean approach to generating electric power, useful thermal energy usually in the form of either hot water or steam, and/or chilled water from a single fuel source.


  • Energy Services

Methania Energy Services is specialized in the maintenance and spare parts supply for rotating equipment in the oil and gas and power generation industries. Methania Energy Services simplifies and optimizes maintenance for our customers by providing comprehensive aftermarket solutions throughout each of Methania Energy Service’s domestic and worldwide operating areas.

We support our customers throughout the life cycle of their equipment by maximizing the efficiency the performance and the reliability. We provide the broadest portfolio and best services in the industry. We offer expertise, proximity and responsiveness to our customers on all the rotating and production equipment.




  • Construction Services

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