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MBP has an extensive track record and experience with a variety of substrates for biogas and biomethane production and is one of the major players in the area of industrial (non agricultural) feedstocks.

MBP Solutions is managing by-products from productions based on biological (non-fossil) raw materials and provide solutions for more than 30 factories in multiple industries, ranging from the oleochemical, biodiesel and omega-3 refining industries, to companies that have other types of solutions, sludges and powders, such as breweries, starch manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of nutritional ingredients.

In order to add value to by-products collected and managed, we seek to understand them from a technical-chemical point of view through sampling and analysis. We combine this data with expertise about technical requirements in different areas of application – biogas, soil improvement, biofuel, technical products, feed – along with knowledge about legal requirements and restrictions in different geographical markets.

MBP Solutions offers unique access to biogas feedstocks and we know what we are talking about.


Different biogas plants have different needs. At MBP we know that what is the right solution for one plant may not be the right solution for another. We are also aware that over time a biogas plant may need different types of substrates according to the season, the stability of the plant or other operational considerations.

Our substrates and co-substrates are derived from the animal and vegetable oil refining industry; from biodiesel production; the oleochemical and glycerine industry; as well as from some food production. In addition to substrate variety, we offer flexibility in delivery.

We offer a variety of substrates:

  • Soap Stock
  • Fat Residues
  • Fat/Fatty Acids – Water Emulsions
  • Crude Glycerine
  • Glycerine By-products
  • Alkaline Glycerin/G-Phase
  • Bleaching Earth
  • Lecitines / Phospholipids
  • Waste Water Sludge
  • Dry Products
  • Starch / Protein Based


Customer Service & Support Suited to Your Plant’s Unique Needs

MBP services customers in several geographical areas. MBP sells biogas substrates to biogas plants in most European countries as well as in North America. These biogas plants can be small farm-based plants or big community-owned plants.

The plants use the biogas (a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other gases) to produce electricity and heat or they can process the biogas into pure methane in order to use it as fuel for vehicles.

Although MBP substrates for biogas, on the whole, have the same impact and bring the same gas yield across different biogas plants, we realise that each plant is unique. Close co-operation between MBP and biogas and biomethane producers is essential to maximize the benefits from the substrates and hence optimize biogas productivity. MBP helps customers evaluating products with regards to:

  • gas potential (energy potential)
  • how the product fits into the mixture of substrates
  • compliance with environmental legislation
  • on site handling cost
  • logistics and storage


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