About LZT Group

The main goal is to provide quality services. Therefore, the main activity of the company is PRODUCTION.

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Non-standard products of plastic and metal


Turn Waste into Gold With Waste Water Treatment

LZT Group wastewater treatment plants represent a bullet-proof investment opportunity. Whenever you present them with your wastewater challenges, they deliver a solution and present you with a clear-cut return on investment formula.

Products & Services for biogas production and wastewater treatment

LZT Group provides different products and services related to biogas and wastewater treatment, such as:

  • Biogas plants
  • Industrial WWTP
  • Biological WWTP
  • Odour control equipment
  • Mechanical rotation sieve
  • Biogas WWTP

They also offer different spare parts for your biogas plant.
See the products of LZT Group HERE.


  • Construction Services
  • Biogas Engineering and Consulting

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