Inlandsis Fund: Financing greenhouse gas reduction projects

The Inlandsis Fund was established by Fondaction and Coop Carbone in 2017 with a shared commitment to harness markets to address climate change. The Fund was initially capitalized exclusively by Fondaction. In July 2019, Fonds l’investissements LLC also joined as an investor.

Inlandsis finances carbon emission reduction and sequestration projects in government regulated carbon markets, including low carbon fuel standard programs, in North America. We operate in Alberta, California and Quebec markets, and are expanding into new markets.

A unique financing solution for your renewable energy project

Inlandsis offers a unique financing solution, providing upfront financing for capital and operating expenses, as well as carbon project development costs. Inlandsis takes construction, operation and carbon market risk in return for a share of the carbon credits or cashflows from a project. The Fund is comfortable with a variety of financing structures, including prepayments, and is able to quickly close investments. Inlandsis generally provides up to $5 million per project and is open to larger investments.

Our growing portfolio includes over 20 projects in Alberta and the Western Climate Initiative carbon markets in California and Quebec.

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