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iNex Sourcing is the 1st technology of identification and qualification of waste for recyclers and industrials. Our technology is based on statistical models and machine learning and constantly recovers thousands of data from several hundred open-data sources. It gives you access to 800,000 sources of industrial and agricultural waste on a silver plater.

Our customers

iNex Sourcing is aimed for all companies looking for industrial and agricultural waste fractions:


Make your existing units profitable, create new ones in the right place

Our tool is intended at services : investments, infrastructures, marketing and sales. It allows you to feed units in decline, create new ones in the right place and analyze your territory (Europe) in real time.

In a few clicks you have your answers for strategic or commercial meetings.

Energy specialists

Feed your methanizers and correctly implement the new ones.

The implementation and supply of methanizers are facilitated via our tool. Thanks to our data on bio-waste deposits, you can find all the actors with a precise description of the flows, contacts and statistical analyses by region. The data is centralised in the tool, available online for all your collaborators.


Integrate waste and secondary materials into your production.

Anticipate the regulatory obligations to incorporate recycled and secondary materials. Become independent in the detection of your strategic materials thanks to a database of more than 800k+ industries and farms.

In 3 clicks you detect the deposits compatible with your production, and you contact the producers. All you have to do is organise the collection of waste.


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  • Biogas Engineering and Consulting
  • Waste Management Services

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