Solid, Responsive and Flexible: the Leader in Biogas and Biomethane Plants

IES BIOGAS is an Italian company specialised in the design, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants. IES BIOGAS’ watchwords are elasticity and measure, applied by adopting an objective professional approach to the analysis of different possibilities and always proposing the best solution to our customers through a thorough assessment of the company and its local context.”

IES BIOGAS’ goal has always been to build installations that fully meet the needs of the market in terms of construction and safety but also of management and automation. This is why the architectural design and working drawings, the piping systems, the electrical and hydraulic plants as well as the software, are entirely developed in-house, guaranteeing that our customers always receive a top quality, ”customized” product.

Our team is made up of men and women who strive towards continuous improvement: highly skilled biologists, engineers, agronomists, IT specialists and process experts with consolidated accomplishments, who guarantee innovative, efficient and reliable solutions and installations.

Founded in 2008, IES BIOGAS immediately began playing a key role in the agriculture industry through the construction of nearly 200 plants in just a few years. Through Biogas24, our division dedicated entirely to plant servicing and management, IES BIOGAS has shown that we always stay close to our customers, enabling our plants to reach significant levels of performance.

After consolidating a leadership role in the agricultural sector through IES Agro-Industry, in 2015, we decided to diversify by entering the industrial sector through the creation of IES Waste, a new division dedicated to the construction of installations for the waste sector.

The need to acquire new customers has led IES BIOGAS to look beyond national borders and to start a process of internationalisation in other European countries and overseas. Today, our company is building plants in Argentina, Korea, Croatia, Serbia and Poland, and it can count on a significant global sales network.

To be closer to our customers and to the local territories and to guarantee top-level services, our offices in Buenos Aires and Jakarta are already operative and the branches in Beijing and San Diego will be opening soon.

Since July 2018, IES BIOGAS has become part of the Snam Group, the European leader in natural gas infrastructure management. This operation has given IES BIOGAS the opportunity to be supported by the Snam Group, further corroborating our leadership in the agricultural sector and developing our presence in the industrial sector, especially in the production of biomethane.

IES BIOGAS will continue to operate with the utmost professionalism at the service of the market, providing technologically advanced, flexible solutions and projects, tailored to each customer.


Business unit

  • IES AGRO & INDUSTRY division is specialized in the design, construction, management and service of biogas/bio-methane plants for the farm sector and food processing industries.
  • IES WASTE division is dedicated to the management of the entire waste platform starting from the separation of unsorted waste, specific treatments and recycling of the main components, to the production of energy from the organic fractions (Anaerobic process) and Refuse-Derived Fuels and the composting stage (Aerobic process).
  • IES SERVICES offers services and management for biogas plants, 24/7.


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IES Biogas - Services
IES Biogas - Services

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