Hellenic Association of Biogas (HABio)

Hellenic Association of Biogas Producers was founded in 2018 by the majority of the Biogas Producers of Greece, representing at the time of establishment 25 members with total IEC 19,7 MWe, 85% of the country’s total for the agricultural sector. Since August 2019 HABio has extended its industry coverage by accepting as associate members research organizations, equipment and services providers and generally Biogas stakeholders.

Apart from servicing and promoting its members’ interests, HABio is following closely the local and international developments in the biogas sector so as to increase and upgrade the contribution of Biogas in the energy map of the country. Biomethane production is at its infancy and therefore the major target to achieve. To that end, HABio is actively participating in the REGATRACE project as EBA Linked Third Party.


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