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Since its creation in 1996, Fondaction has been based on the belief that it is not only possible to do things differently in the financial and business world, it is a necessity.

Fondaction helps Québecers prepare for retirement by offering affordable retirement savings to everyone. The savings collected are invested in companies across Québec. This way, Fondaction helps create and maintain quality jobs, contributing to a stronger, more equitable and greener economy.


Fondaction promotes the maintenance and creation of jobs as well as the participation of Quebec workers in the definition, organization and control of their work in an environment that corresponds to the objectives of sustainable development.

Fondaction contributes to the development of businesses, to the preservation and creation of quality jobs, while encouraging social actors to discuss together both the sharing of productivity gains and the sharing of work.

As a partner in the social economy, Fondaction invests at least 60% of its assets in Québec companies, mainly those that are registered in a participatory management process, those that are self-controlled companies, cooperatives or others, that provide in their charter for an equal distribution of voting rights among shareholders or members, or that are companies whose decisions or activities contribute to the protection or improvement of the quality of the environment.


Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance

From day one, Fondaction has been working to mobilize money in the right direction. We are working to create a fairer, more inclusive, greener and more efficient economy. Here are four essential dimensions of our approach.


Acting for the climate and biodiversity

Global warming is reaching a critical threshold. Natural resources are being depleted and biodiversity continues to erode. Fondaction implements structuring financing solutions to accelerate the fight against climate change. It invests in companies that offer innovative environmental products and services or that transform their practices to reduce their footprint.

Fostering more equitable and inclusive development

Persistent inequalities are prompting us to rethink our relationship to work and wealth creation. Fondaction works to support women’s and cultural communities’ access to entrepreneurship and to promote the participatory management of workers and support for social economy enterprises.

Participating in the development of the strengths of our regions

Fondaction invests more than 60% of its assets in the form of patient capital directly in Quebec SMEs and partner funds that operate throughout Quebec. Through its investments, Fondaction helps create and maintain quality jobs while contributing to a fairer, more inclusive, greener and more efficient economy.

Accessible retirement savings

Retirement planning and the necessary savings strategies are a major challenge for citizens. By offering retirement savings that are less demanding on the budget, Fondaction helps improve the financial conditions of tens of thousands of people in retirement.


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