Evoqua: a 100-year tradition of supporting engineers and municipalities for wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion

Evoqua is the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water. As effluent water quality regulations have become more strict, the need for high-quality municipal wastewater treatment solutions has continued to grow.

Evoqua Water Technologies continues a 100-year tradition of supporting consulting engineers and municipalities, responding to market needs, and evolving wastewater treatment standards. Whether you require primary and secondary clarification, an anaerobic digestion system, odor control treatment, or a combination of multiple systems, Evoqua can customize a solution for you.

Waste Water Treatment Applications For Evoqua’s Solutions

Evolving water treatment is core to the Evoqua brand. We deliver by combining innovative technologies and seasoned applications experts. Evoqua has been providing wastewater applications expertise for more than 100 years to help municipalities and engineers meet evolving market needs and treatment standards.

Our applications include nutrient removal, stormwater, biological treatment, clarifier performance, net zero energy, retrofit and rehab, and odor control.

Food & Beverage Applications For Evoqua’s Solutions

You Focus on Production. We Handle the Water.

Food and beverage processors use large volumes of water, both as an ingredient in their products and in the plant sanitation process. The resulting wastewater must be treated responsibly, by converting it into green energy such as biogas with anaerobic digestion, for example.

Rising utility costs and wastewater disposal surcharges, the desire for a smaller environmental footprint, as well as growing demand from consumers for products manufactured using sustainable operations, are motivating food and beverage processors to invest in on-site wastewater treatment. However, effluent streams can fluctuate in flow and chemical composition, making wastewater treatment challenging.

Evoqua’s solutions help this industry to:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce or eliminate wastewater surcharges
  • Reuse water
  • Convert wastewater into green energy
  • Minimize your environmental footprint


  • Construction Services
  • Biogas Engineering and Consulting
  • Operations

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