Eisenmann: Groundbreaking technology for biogas industry

Eisenmann is a leading international supplier of systems for surface finishing technology, environmental technology and material flow automation. Eisenmann develops and builds made-to-measure manufacturing, assembly and distribution plants that are highly flexible, energy- and resource efficient - and have been deployed by enterprises throughout the world for over 65 years.

Specialist engineers and technical staff comprise around half of the workforce. Thanks to their in-depth understanding of process engineering, they are able to develop plant configurations precisely tailored to each application. Prior to shipping, the systems are fully assembled and thoroughly tested at our dedicated Technology Center, ensuring problem-free installation and rapid commissioning at the customer site.

Ground-breaking technology, high customer satisfaction and outstanding cost-effectiveness underscore the stand-out quality delivered by Eisenmann.

Biogas plants by Eisenmann: tailored to meet your needs

Each Eisenmann biogas plant is custom-designed for your location. We tailor our solutions to the feedstock used and the relevant national legislation and standards. Upon request, we coordinate the entire project: from applying for permits to installing and commissioning turnkey systems. Our biogas plant consulting and other services provide you with expert advice and practical support.

  • Anaerobic digestion of high-solid waste in a plug-flow digester
  • High organic load with optimum residence time
  • No short-circuiting-extremely high gas yield
  • Low levels of recirculation
  • Sanitization in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Rapid on-site installation thanks to modular design
  • Enclosed system prevents emission of offensive odors
  • Customer-specific solutions for throughputs from 5,000 metric tons/year
  • More than 90 plants already built
  • 66 years' experience in industrial plant engineering


Other facts about Eisenmann

  • About 3,200 employees worldwide at 25 locations and 14 countries, including around 70 % in Europe and over 30 % in the emerging markets
  • Founded by Eugen Eisenmann in 1951
  • Wholly owned by the family

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