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Dominion & Grimm Environnement inc. is proud to be the manufacturing agent of the anaerobic digestion systems developed by the German company Lipp. Dominion & Grimm Environnement works with LIPP engineers and local engineers to develop equipment that meets the various standards in the project's area.

Lipp invented special machines for the construction of resistant tanks and silos and for the machining of bimetallic sheets. This is the core business of LIPP GmbH, located in the village of Tannhausen in the eastern region of Württemberg in Germany.

We offer a wide range of products that help meeting all the requirements of industrial municipal waste disposal, agricultural, as well as for the storage and handling of solid, liquid and gaseous substances.

Having its own manufacturing process for the production of tanks is synonymous with enormous opportunities for the customer in the world. In fifty years, our company has grown into the world. Its foundation is tradition, creative power and faith in its partners who will continue to move the company forward in new directions.

LIPP system

KomBio Lipp reactors are composed of a digestion tank and a section to store biogas. Unlike other anaerobic digestion systems, KomBio Lipp reactors are made of stainless steel, which increases their longevity. Their heating system consists of a network of heating pipes with a high level of energy transfer, which is located between the insulation and the metal wall. The efficiency of heat transfer is maintained throughout the life of the bioreactor because the hoses never come in contact with the corrosive substrates.

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There are applications in the following sectors:

1. Municipalities

Methanization of municipal sludge, organic matters from 3rd way collection, green waste.

2. Industries

Methanization of glycerin, ethanol plant residues, wastewater and primary sludge.

3. Agribusiness

Methanization of food waste, slaughterhouse residues, brewery residues, decommissioned organic materials, dairy residues, vegetable oils

4. Agricultural

Methanization of manure and manure, crop residues, maize, hay, cereals.

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