Our easy-to-use, circular purification solutions help companies operate more sustainably and to future-proof their businesses


Our purpose & mission: Why we do what we do

We’re committed to building a cleaner, greener world for all. With our unique, sustainable, mobile filtration solutions, purifying liquids, and gases, we are committed to helping protect the planet by driving positive ecological change across all industries.


Your Sustainability Journey: Reach Your Green Goals

With Desotec’s circular filtration solutions, it’s easy to go green.

Our sustainable mobile filters ensure business continuity while protecting our planet.

Together, we can purify water and air emissions to preserve world’s natural resources today and for generations to come.


Creating a Positive Impact Together

Our mobile-activated carbon filters can be used in several processes, from upgrading core process streams such as biogas and cleaning emissions containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), among others. By using these mobile filters in a filtration-as-a-service model we are unburdening our customers from their purification needs. Leveraging our expertise, we engage with your company to fully understand your needs. By establishing a close collaboration, we help you run a business that respects the environment and your local community. Together, we make a positive impact on our planet.



Our Unique Services

  • Minimal cost of ownership: Our rental model means no upfront investment, offering greater flexibility.
  • No pollutants handling on site: We safely remove the saturated filter away from your site and unload it at our facilities.
  • Minimal downtime: Delivery, installation, and replacement of mobile filters is quick and easy, causing minimal disruption to your operations. It’s Plug-and-Play.
  • Pioneering technology: Our products, filters and reactivation plants benefit from continuous innovation to provide our customers with the most advanced filtration solutions.
  • Sustainable circular model: Our service includes sustainable waste handling and reactivation of activated carbon, reducing the need for fresh raw materials.
  • Service-focused, 24/7: Our first-class technical expertise and hub-and-spoke model enable us to provide support and troubleshooting whenever you need us.


Our Sustainability Commitments: Putting People and Our Planet First

Sustainability is built into our circular services. By recycling our activated carbon, we reduce the CO2 footprint of our purification solutions. Our ISO 14001 certification further confirms that our business practices are kind to the environment. Along with caring about the planet, we also value our workforce and respect our local community. Finally, as demonstrated by our ISO 9001 certification, Desotec ensures high-quality services and products for its customers while continuously improving our organization and working environment.


Purification Made Simple

Our water/air filtration-as-a-service business model also includes waste management, thus providing our customers with a hassle-free, all-in-one purification solution. Leveraging our expertise, we engage with our customers to fully understand and satisfy their needs. By establishing a close collaboration, we help them run a business that respects the environment and their local community. Together, we make a positive impact on our planet.


Closed Loop

Conserving our planet’s precious natural resources is key to a greener future. Reactivating saturated carbon reduces the amount of virgin raw materials needed for filtration, closing the loop and improving sustainability. We also neutralize the adsorbed components and recover them where possible. Desotec already reactivates most spent carbon, and we are developing technology to move towards 100% circularity.


Sustainable Development Goals: Our Compass

We adopted five UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our guiding principles. By focusing on these objectives, we can effectively drive positive change within our company while also supporting our customers’ sustainability targets.

  • Clean Water And Sanitation: Water filtration is one of our key services. This implies safer drinking water for more people and the reuse of purified industrial wastewater to counter water scarcity.
  • Affordable And Clean Energy: We help purify biogas and biomethane to generate green energy. In Roeselare, Belgium, we have solar panels and use the steam recovered from our reactivation processes to heat some buildings. In Parker, Arizona, USA, we tap into hydropower to run our plant and processes.
  • Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure: Continuous monitoring of our reactivation furnaces ensures no pollutants enter the environment. We have developed renewable activated carbon to reduce their climate impact. Desotec already reactivates most spent carbon, and we are developing technology to move towards 100% circularity.
  • Responsible Consumption And Production: Along with our circular business model, our digital mindset helps us minimize our carbon footprint. We have also replaced employees’ disposable water bottles with personalized reusable ones.
  • Climate Action: Reactivating carbon is more climate-friendly than using new carbon. We also deliver and take back filters in one trip, thus minimizing our transport-related GHG emissions. We have introduced company bikes, offer bike lease to our employees, and are transitioning our vehicle fleet to zero-emission vehicles.


Our Key Achievements

  • Driving Down Carbon Emissions: Our business eliminates the equivalent of the CO2 emissions of 80,000 passenger cars per year.
  • Saving Energy at Full Steam: By recovering steam from our processes and reusing it for heating, we save 1,400 KWH – enough to provide energy to 40 households.
  • Our Renewable Efforts: We installed 1,300 solar panels on the roof of our Belgian premises.
  • Champions of Water Purification: Our filters purify the equivalent of 200 Olympic-size swimming pools of industrial wastewater every day.
  • Our Air Purification Is Flying High: Each of our large air filters purifies the equivalent of 20 hot air balloons every hour and we have hundreds at customers’ sites.
  • Fueling Fossil-Free Fuels: Our filters enable the production of enough biogas/biomethane to provide energy for 500,000 households.


Our Accreditations

Our goal is to excel in everything we do.

We are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001-certified. This shows that our services meet the highest quality and environmental standards.


Our Community: We Are One

We are proud to call the beautiful city of Roeselare, Belgium, our home. With its trading roots, historic landmarks, beautiful natural scenery, and wonderful people (some of them our colleagues), Roeselare is a special place. That is why we strive to be the best neighbor we can be. We conduct our business in an ethical, responsible, and clean way, ensuring that all the contaminants we remove for our customers are neutralized and nothing leaves our facility.

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