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Com-Pac Systems Inc. (CPSI) is a specialty gas solutions company with a history ofover 30 years in the gas industry. Keeping up to date with current industry demands, Com-Pac meets today’s Renewable Energy Developer and Producer needs, through a right sized, uncommonly capable shop that focuses on custom skid mounted solutions, inclusive of complete gas upgrading systems.

Having solved some of the toughest biogas, process gas and syngas stream problems around the world, Com-Pac is the reliable source for gas systems that ensures equipment integrity, thanks to the proven track record and modern company structure. Com-Pac systems solutions include:

  • Biogas compression
  • Biogas upgrading
  • Biogas management
  • Pipeline injection
  • Pretreatment and Conditioning

Com-Pac experience and modern, flexible structure as a company provide a responsible partner for your project in the biogas and RNG industry, through all phases of RNG processing and biogas use.

If you are looking for a trusted solution, from design to reliable operation, Com-Pac is ready to discuss your project and assist with reducing costs and accelerating your project ROI.

Visit us at or call us directly at 847-421-4862 to discuss further.


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