Key Topics

The world is constantly looking for pathways to sustainable future. One of the biggest issues are increasing CO2 emissions, which are causing the global warming. Scientics from around the globe developed several technologies enabling us to turn carbon dioxide into usefull products like fuels, building materials, chemicals or polymers. However CO2 utilization projects still require further research, industry collaboration, funding or policy changes in order to become feasible and well established on the market.

CO2 Reuse Summit, taking place on 16-17 May 2018 in Zurich, will bring together major stakeholders from the industry to highlight latest developments related to carbon utilization. We will discuss key challenges and opportunities when it comes to technology, economics or policy. We invite you to join your peers for 2 days of interactive presentations, case studies and networking sessions. Get involved in building the decarbonized society.


  • Moving towards sustainability with CCU
  • LCA & TEA of utilization projects
  • Regulatory and policy framework
  • CO2 to fuels, chemicals, building materials, polymers, algae
  • Renewable energy and hydrogen production
  • Latest technological advancements in CO2 conversion
  • Process integration
  • Commercialization - opportunities, challenges, funding, patrnerships

Exclusive site visit

On 15th May our participants will have a chance to visit the Climeworks world's first commercial plant that captures atmospheric CO2 for supply to other industries based in Hinwil.

The site visit is free of charge but spaces are limited and booked on first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us on to book your space for the tour.


Speakers include:

  • Thomas Schaub, Lab Head CaRLa, BASF
  • Martin Rothaemel, R&D Group Manager, Air Liquide
  • Christian Wix, Technology Development Director, Haldor Topsoe
  • Bruce Dannenberg, President & CEO, Phytonix Corporation
  • Doris Hafenbradl, CTO, Electrochaea
  • Apu Gosalia, Vice President- Sustainability, Fuchs Petrolub
  • Karl Hauptmeier, Product Manager, Sunfire
  • Anne S. Meyer, Head, Center for BioProcess Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
  • Richard Schauper, Lead Engineer, AVL
  • John Benemann, CEO, MicroBio Engineering
  • Christoph Falter, Lead Researcher, Bauhaus Luftfahrt
  • Marta Figueiredo, Scientist, Avantium
  • Senior Representative, Climeworks

For more information, please visit CO2 Reuse Summit's website.


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