Company Overview


To use creative financing as a means for improving communities and positively contributing to society one project and one financing at a time, all the while verifying project results and delivering exceptional financial performance.



Specialty finance firm servicing high-growth compelling sectors within the energy efficiency, distributed generation, and environmental conservation and sustainability fields with specific financing program design and administration and financial advisory services.



CleanSource Capital is the specialty finance affiliate of Abundant Power Group, based in Charlotte, NC  established to expand the SAVES™ Platform for funding energy efficiency, distributed generation, and other forms of self-funding measures through Green Bonds, financing programs, and both traditional and emerging financing solutions for the environmental finance market.


Markets Served

CleanSource serves large, growing markets including commercial, industrial, institutional, agriculture, local government users for energy efficiency, distributed generation, energy performance contracting, commercial PACE, and service agreements.

Cleansource Capital Market Served


Core Competencies

CleanSource Capital’s core competencies include:

  • Industry/Technology Knowledge
  • Marketing/Origination
  • Legal/Structuring/Accounting/ Closing Documentation
  • Financing/Capital Markets
  • Two-Pronged Underwriting – Energy and Credit
  • Compliance/Servicing
  • On-Going Measurement & Verification


Financing Services

The financing services offered by CleanSource include:

  • Green Bonds including Tax-Exempt Private Activity Bonds (Solid Waste Disposal Bonds, Industrial Revenue Development Bonds) and Taxable Private Activity Bonds
  • Senior debt with National, regional, and specialty banking and commercial finance institutions
  • Commercial PACE
  • Self-Funding Leases
  • Self-Funding Energy Service Agreements
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Equity


Corporate and municipal securities are offered through Piedmont Securities, CleanSource’s FINRA registered broker dealer.


Established Programs

CleanSource Capital Established Programs
CleanSource administers multiple state-level Green Community Programs under its proprietary SAVES platform:

  • Alabama SAVES
  • South Carolina SAVES
  • NC Agricultural Finance Authority
  • Virginia SAVES
  • Maryland SAVES
  • Virginia Small Business Finance Authority

Independent from its state-level programs CleanSource is able to work in other states across the country.


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