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Our company was founded in 1992 and many consider us to be a pioneer in North America in the development of organics processing solutions using Anaerobic Digestion (AD). CCI was founded with a vision that our MSW management challenge is an opportunity to change our thinking and realize that the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) is a resource asset with a significant amount of value.

As a privately held company located in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada, we hold the exclusive Canadian and USA license rights to a European developed, commercially proven AD technology known as “The BTA® Process”. This North American patented solution was developed and commercialized in the early 1980’s and since then it has been successfully implemented across a range of countries.

The system is designed specifically to process the organic fraction of MSW generated in our homes, businesses and industry. Today, more than 110 million Nm3 of biogas are annually produced at more than 45 BTA facilities, which corresponds to the energy equivalent of approximately 70 million Nm3 of natural gas. For our official overview, view our Corporate Brochure.

Business Focus

A proven track record combined with an unequaled knowledge of the critical success factors reinforce our ability to effectively deliver all required services to meet a project’s objectives.

Capitalizing on our partnering philosophy allows us to combine complementary skills and experience in all the facets of organics project development and mitigates the risk for all parties to the project.

Current Projects

Their project are:

Performance Driven

More important than the technology experience is the practical experience gained in dealing with organic based wastes generated in the residential and commercial sectors. Few in North America have experience, and there are even fewer, if any, that has practical experience and commercialized processes in the AD conversion technology arena. CCI and the BTA® Process deliver real, workable solutions that are long ago commercialized and successfully proven over the last 30 years.

Delivering Value

Demonstrated in our long list of successful projects is a proven track record in the field of renewable energy and organic waste management. Combined with our unequaled knowledge of the critical success factors reinforces our ability to effectively work together with partners to deliver all required services to meet the project’s objectives and mitigate the risk.
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