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At Bioland, the members decide. Each and every one of them can get involved in our regional groups, specialist committees, state associations or even in the Presidium. There is the right network for everyone, for example the Junge Bioland for our committed farmers from the next generation. Twice a year, delegates from all groups come together with our market partners to vote on trend-setting decisions. Because: We want to keep developing. So that this can work, the Bioland FOUNDATION takes care of the time and financial freedom.

We want to provide you and your family with high-quality food and at the same time protect our livelihoods. That is why topics such as biodiversity , animal welfare or the climate and the environment are particularly important to us . Our organic farmers take responsibility – in the barn, in the field, in the region and in politics . Here you can find out what we are committed to every day.


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