Surprisingly low cost. Zero Odour. Produce Green Energy.

The capital cost to build an anaerobic digestion plant like this is the same as the cost to build a comparable composting plant.  But the operating costs of the digestion plant will be a fraction of what composting costs.

What makes anaerobic digestion different is that it always produces large quantities of green, renewable energy from the wastes.  Valuable energy.  Energy so valuable that it can fully cover the operating costs of your facility. Energy revenue makes all the difference.


Smarter Feedstock Processing

Our facilities can also be designed to first de-package and then process wastes like municipal source-separated organics (SSO), including all of the plastic and other undesirable materials that normally come with that kind of feedstock. This is rare expertise, and we've got it.

Our proprietary technology allows us to accept feedstocks that are much dirtier than any composting facility can tolerate, and to completely remove the impurities up front, before the organics even make it into our digesters.


Let us Take Care of Things

We can build you a plant, but if you'd like, we'd also be happy to operate it for you.  Our own, European-certified plant operators know how to get the very best out of our technology, day in and day out. Our plant operators know how to absolutely maximize green energy production.  It makes all the difference.


A Full-time nutrient management program for fertilizers

We offer a full-service nutrient management program for our fertilizer customers.  We are able to both deliver and directly apply nutrients at agronomic rates to your fields.

Organic waste gets processed in our digestion facilities.  As a result of that processing, we strip much of the carbon out of that waste, and turn it into green energy.  But most of the nutrients and organic matter that were in the original wastes are left behind, and come out the back of our facilities as a rich, commercial organic fertilizer.  The fertilizer we produce is licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  It is not a regulated waste material, and requires no special handling.

In Canada, our fertilizer routinely meets the heavy metal, pathogen, and foreign matter standards for unrestricted use (as compost) found in the Federal BNQ standards, as well as the equivalent standards of every Canadian Province.  Easily.  It's an incredibly clean, pure product.  We aren't aware of any other technology vendor capable of matching what we have accomplished.

Fertilizer produced by our flagship Elmira facility has been specifically approved for use in certified organic farming, under Canadian Federal regulations.  Ours was the first digestate-based fertilizer to ever receive such an approval in Canada.  You can't get a better product quality endorsement than that.




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