Archaea Energy: Renewable Energy is Our Mission

Founded in 2018, Archaea (“ar-key-ah”) Energy, LLC is a private-equity backed company that is advancing biogas development in the United States. Our founders and operators are landfill owners, the inventor of Air Liquide’s biogas membrane separation process, and permanent capital from the energy sector. Archaea aims to partner with landfill owners to harness the power of their biogas. We look to source, build and manage projects for the entirety of an energy project’s lifecycle. Our goal is to build renewable high BTU projects to power the truck and bus fleets of the US with renewable fuels.

We have a solution for generating renewable natural gas and are now rolling it out to the industry.

Partners In Renewable Energy


Archaea’s focus is to partner with landfill owners to build high BTU renewable natural gas projects. We turn liabilities into assets and help owners maintain projects for years to come.


We aim to be long-term partners with landfill owners. Landfills are long-term energy resources that require the right partner to harvest. As partners we committed to the highest standards of compliance and maximizing the value of your landfill.


Archaea grew from the seeds of Noble Environmental, a sanitary landfill and hauling company in the Pittsburgh area. Instead of outsourcing the development of a high BTU project at the site in Westmoreland County, the project was built with the team on site. Archaea is harnessing the power of what was learned at Noble to bring to other landfill owners looking for an affordable and effective high BTU renewable natural gas solution.


Methane is 30x worse than Carbon Dioxide in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Archaea’s goal is to capture, clean, and reuse both the methane and carbon dioxide biogas streams to lower landfill emissions by over 90%.


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