AMP Americas: A pioneer in Renewable Transportation Fuel

Amp Americas has been a pioneer in renewable transportation fuel since 2011. We were the first dairy biogas-to-transportation fuel project in the country. As a pioneer in this field, we work closely with regulatory agencies at both the state and federal level to influence policy and pave the way for future RNG project development. We have accomplished a lot since then.

  • We sold our CNG fleet which surpassed 50 million miles
  • We built and sold 20 CNG stations.
  • Our project at Fair Oaks Farms became the only dairy RNG project certified by EPA and ARB.
  • Our 2nd project at Jasper Farms and our expansion at Fair Oaks Farms came online in 2018.
  • We achieved the record for lowest carbon intensity score

We are not done: we will bring two more dairy projects online in 2020 and more in 2021.

What AMP Americas can do to support you?

  • We help farmers maximize profitability by converting dairy waste into valuable transportation fuel.
  • We get your RNG to market for the highest value.
  • We save fleets money and help them run cleaner.
  • We get RNG to your trucks and your customers.
  • We are a recognized authority on both CNG as a transportation fuel and RNG project development.


  • Equipment suppliers
  • Natural Gas Suppliers

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