AMP Americas: Pioneer in the Renewable Transportation Fuel Industry

Amp Americas has been a pioneer in renewable transportation fuel since 2011. We were the first dairy biogas-to-transportation fuel project in the country. As a pioneer in this field, we work closely with regulatory agencies at both the state and federal level to influence policy and pave the way for future RNG project development. We have accomplished a lot since then.
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AMP Americas specializes in:

Development of RNG Facilities with Dairy Farmers
We build RNG production facilities and enable dairy farmers to convert waste into energy to combat climate change and improve air quality.

Amp Americas operates several on-farm facilities across the United States that complete the entire process from manure conversion into methane, to methane compression into RNG, and finally RNG injection directly into the fuel pipeline. From there, the fuel is used by a variety of transportation fleets, directly impacting the environment by preventing hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse emissions.

  • RNG Facilities
  • Project Management
  • Project Development
  • Risk Management

Services for RNG Facilities
Maximize return on investment; Partner with Amp Americas to bring years of industry-leading expertise to manage and operate your RNG business

We provide smart asset management, operations, maintenance services, and carbon impact. Amp Americas brings unparalled experience and expertise in all aspects of RNG services and digester operations.

  • Asset Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Workforce Development
  • Stakeholder Relationships

Marketing & Risk Management for RNG Producers & Fleets
Full service generation, sourcing, tracking, compliance, and monetization of environmental attributes for your biogas operations

Amp Americas helps developers monetize their environmental credits. Amp Americas helps fleets secure RNG supplies and developers get RNG to market with full-service solutions based on our expertise and experience.

  • Environmental Credit Management & Trading
  • RNG Logistics Services
  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Environmental credits
  • Project Developers
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Natural Gas Suppliers

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