Alfa Teloni: Biogas & Biomethane Storage Tanks

For almost half a century we have been welding our tarpaulins, continuous improvement has allowed us to always remain at the forefront of the market.

We grant maximum attention to detail, we carefully choose the materials used for the realization of our products. The attention to detail, the care in the choice of materials, the ability and the continuous commitment, have allowed us to be (become) an agile and innovative company, which with seriousness knows how to (welcome and respond to the needs of our customers).

For a better future we build durable systems for which we guarantee.

Our numbers speak for us:

  • +180 clients
  • + 2.075.000 meters of high frequency welding
  • + 2,000,000 fabrics processed
  • + 2,500 membranes produced
  • + 1,000 completed installations
  • + 10 countries
  • 4 continents

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