Our name comes from the company’s head office and main production site, which are located in Wangen in the Allgäu region of Germany. This is our home: in the most southerly part of Germany where three countries – Austria, Switzerland and Germany – come together at Lake Constance.

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35 years is how long our pump ran for Mr. Maier in Austria without any repairs

Our motivation is the satisfaction of our customers, our passion is the excellence of our standards. All areas of our company are built on this principle. This is the only way to create the kind of lasting values which let us write success stories like that of a pump running without repair for 35 years. For us, quality is a pump which you do not notice. And then when you do notice it after a very, very long time, it is in connection with our – equally excellent – service support.

Quality management at WANGEN PUMPEN is certified to ISO 9001. This – temporary – certificate must be applied for again and again to verify that the high standards are still met. For us this is a matter of course.



48 months is the average operating period of the 10,000 pumps from our production

Facing up to challenges helps you grow – and not only when you are a child! So what must a pump do? Exactly: It has to pump under all conditions, good or bad. And when conditions get bad, that’s when pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN really come into their own. Whether you need to handle adhesive, abrasive or crumbly material, or require absolute hygiene: This is when our pumps are at their very best. This is owed among other things to the brain power in our department for particularly tricky development tasks and the solutions it comes up with. For example, the universal joints with universal shaft installed in our progressing cavity pumps. Advantages lie in their extreme load ratings, reliability and long life even when handling difficult and challenging media. The resulting low life cycle costs save the user both cash and stress.

Pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN convey materials with viscosities from 1 to 10,000,000 mPAS at pressures from 0 to 48 bar and rates from 500ml/h to max. 300m³/h. Be it with progressing cavity pumps in all imaginable sizes or with screw pumps, be it for standard or individual solutions: We have been meeting these challenges for over 44 years in e.g. the food, environment, biogas, agriculture and chemical sectors. And, if desired or required, some of our models of course can be produced to be certified by 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc.



53 countries are supplied with products and services from WANGEN PUMPEN

Manufactured in Germany – used world-wide. Our customers’ esteem for and trust in pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN confirm our commitment to quality work as a basis for long-term value creation. Be it prompt delivery, reliable installation or after-sales support: Excellent service is one of the key elements of our customer care activities. In Germany and neighboring countries we guarantee prompt assistance via our 24/7 service hotline when things need to go really quickly. Service in this form is something you will get only from WANGEN PUMPEN, fulfilling our promise to provide the best support to our approximately 10,000 customers in all their needs and processes.

Other countries, other pumps. The flexibility of our teams of specialists in meeting customer wishes while fulfilling country- and application-specific requirements extends from consulting to production, delivery and installation. Worldwide and without equal.



7000 of our pumps are in biogas plants in Germany alone, averaging one pump from WANGEN PUMPEN per biogas plant

Pumps from WANGEN PUMPEN work smoothly, even when they need to cope with high-friction, viscous, sticky or coarse mixes. Be it for sewage works in Mexico, Italy or China, for biogas plants in France, Canada or India, for industrial works in the Czech Republic, Singapore or Spain, or as food pumps in the USA, Norway or Russia. No matter what, no matter where. As our list of references testifies: We can be relied on to get your materials moving. And always in compliance with country-specific regulations of course.

The next time you are on holidays, maybe this thought will cross your mind: Somewhere nearby there’s almost certain to be a pump from WANGEN PUMPEN working unseen to keep things running smoothly.


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