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Highest efficiency

BMF HAASE Energietechnik GmbH stands for market-leading quality and innovations in the treatment and upgrading of biogas, landfill gas, sewage, natural gas and leachate. With high-tech components from our own production, we achieve exceptional high availability and efficiency of engineered systems. First-class service and long-term experience in operation ensure your sustainable success.

Many years of experience

The beginnings of BMF HAASE Energietechnik date back to 1980. Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of process engineering systems and services in the areas of landfill engineering and biogas engineering. The company gained fast to an important role in the market by offering best quality. The strategic focus on different branches supported cross-sector innovations in products and services.



The head office of BMF HAASE Energietechnik is located in the green heart of Schleswig-Holstein. In the city Neumuenster BMF HAASE is one of the important employers and training companies. BMF HAASE has service technicians and service points all over Germany. BMF HAASE is represented by partners in other European countries to be also very successful on the international market.


Unique Know-how

The combination of most advanced technologies and competences makes BMF HAASE to this special kind of company as it seeks it`s equal. BMF HAASE combines a cutting-edge industrial production with expertise fields of engineering, management and programming. Reliable service and professional operation complete the company profile.


Gas Engineering

With high-end components for gas processing plants, BMF HAASE sets market standards of quality and longevity. the components increase the real value added to any gas plant and they are compatible with digesters from any manufacturer. High process stability and low power consumption of the BMF HAASE components lead to an unmatched yield in the gas sector.


The BMF HAASE Biogas-Upgrader refines biogas to biomethane by organic-physical scrubbing. This particularly efficient method is characterized by low methane emissions and low power consumption. The BMF HAASE Biogas-Upgrader displays a positive heat balance and upgrades biogas without any heat loss. The required process heat is produced by the system itself even using the low methane slip which is returned into the process. The only external interface on top of the biogas inlet is the electrical connection.


Flare Slacks

The flares from BMF HAASE provide a reliable, environmentally friendly emergency disposal of sewage and landfill gas as well as raw biogas and biomethane. Excess gas is burned off automatically in the case of unplanned shutdowns of gas engines or upgrading facilities.


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